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WhatsApp is the world's most used messaging app. According to the new policy, the Facebook-based app is adding new features every two-three months. WhatsApp has added 12 new features in recent times. What are the features and how you use them. Learn at a Glance - PickPock.co.in

iPhone users already know about this feature. But Android has not yet arrived. Users can lock WhatsApp into new features. And it is possible to simply unlock with your lock-settings.

How fast message is forwarded?
Whatsapp is bringing in a feature so you know how many times a forwarded message has been shared.

Audios file transfer changes
WhatsApp will be able to send 30 audio files together. Beta version 2.19.89 already has this facility.
Dark mode at night!
Many people have a habit of sleeping in bed in the dark of night. These features are especially for them. Because, WhatsApp is going to bring the dark mode.
Change in voice message
Whatsapp will soon change to voice message soon. As a result, when you hear the voice message, users do not have to click the play button.

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